Name                        Joyce van Dongen

Birth                         June 1979

Nationality               Dutch



2008-2009                SAIC; Chicago USA       

                                  Master in Fine Arts in studio

                                  Painting and Drawing department

01/02-05/02              Gray’s school of Art; Aberdeen Scotland

                                 Fine Arts exchange

                                 Painting and Drawing department

1999-2003                AKI; Enschede The Netherlands

                                 Bachelor in Fine Arts

                                 Painting and Drawing department

1997-1999                ABV; Tilburg The Netherlands

                                 Bachelor in Fine arts

                                 Audio visual department



Group exhibition    ‘WinterSalon’, Arti et Amicitiae                     Amsterdam

Group exhibition    ‘Nieuwe meesters’, Ann’s Art                        Groningen

Group exhibition    ‘Nieuwe Leden expo’ , Arti et Amicitiae       Amsterdam

Group exhibition    ‘Dotterbloem Vertelt’, Thuis a/d Amstel       Amsterdam


Group exhibition    ‘Kunst in de vitrines’, AUMC                         Amsterdam

Group exhibition    ‘100 jaar Jan Mankes’, Kruiskerk                  Eerbeek

Solo exhibition       Ann’s Art                                                         Groningen


Solo exhibition       Bubblekid                                                        Amsterdam

Group exhibition    Manifacto                                                        Amsterdam

Group exhibition    Het Kunstgemaal                                            Bronckhorst

Duo exhibition        Flower Art Museum                                        Aalsmeer


Group exhibition     Het Kunstgemaal                                            Bronckhorst


Group exhibition     De Fundatie, ZomerExpo                                Zwolle


Solo exhibition        Bubblekid                                                        Amsterdam


Group exhibition    Bart kunst in huis                                             Nijmegen

Solo exhibition       Galerie Ann’s Art                                             Groningen


Solo exhibition       Galerie Bart                                                       Amserdam


Group exhibition    Art Amsterdam, RAI exhibition center            Amsterdam

Group exhibition    ‘Een kijkje in de keuken’, Bart kunst in huis  Nijmegen

Group exhibition    ‘Dutch Art Now’, National Arts club                New York (USA)

Solo exhibition       Galerie Bart                                                       Amsterdam


Group exhibition    Stichting @ArtHouse                                       Amsterdam

Group exhibition    Achmea Kunstzaken                                        Zeist

Group exhibition    ‘Double Dutch’, Gaga-ArtCenter                     New York (USA)

Group exhibition    Bart kunst in huis                                             Nijmegen


Open studio            SAIC                                                                   Chicago (USA)

Solo exhibition       Galerie Bart                                                       Amsterdam

Group exhibition    ‘Royal Painting Award’, Gemeente Museum The Hague


Solo exhibition       Galerie Bart                                                       Amsterdam

Solo exhibition       Artcenter                                                            Hengelo


Solo exhibition       Bart kunst in huis                                              Nijmegen

Group exhibition    Het Balengebouw                                              Enschede


Group exhibition    Weissfactor                                                        Osnabruck (GER)

Group exhibition    Bart kunst in huis                                              Nijmegen

Group exhibition    The Hall of Fame                                               Tilburg


Solo exhibition       ‘T Lambooijhuis                                                 Hengelo

Open studio            Stichting B.A.D.                                                 Rotterdam


Group exhibition    Chasse Theater                                                  Breda

Group exhibition    AKi Finalshow                                                    Enschede


08/08-05/09              HSP-Talentenprogramma         MFA SAIC

08/08-05/09              Fulbright Scholarship               MFA SAIC     

01/06-12/07              Fonds BKVB                              Productiesubsidie

10/04-10/05              Fonds BKVB                              Startstipendium

08/03-08/04              Fonds BKVB                              Startstipendium

Work in Collections

2010                        DELA Art Collection

2009                        Eneco Art Collection

2008                        Private Collection Beckers

2007                        Jager Collection

2007                        ArtCenter Hengelo - AkkuH

2003                        Gemeente Enschede


2017                        ZomerExpo                        ArtWorlds        Catalogue

2006                        Joyce van Dongen            Bart                  Catalogue

2006                        Met Stip                              Fonds BKVB   Startstipendia 2004-2005

2004                        Uitgelicht 04                      Fonds BKVB    Startstipendia 2002-2003 


All works have their own specific meaning of course, but the common denominator  could be described as following; from a curiosity towards the world around us, (especially the natural world, how we interact, experience, enjoy, destroy or care for) research is developed. Research for a better understanding of the elements of that world, research to the emotions that go along with it. Association, recognition, connectivity, experience and observation. A celebration of al that is extraordinary surrounding us, as well as a warning for the fragility of that natural world.

Alongside the conceptual research there is the material research.

By using different ways one can apply paint I seek contrast, tension and harmony within each painting. Transparent and thick, spacious and flat, detailed and sketchy, shiny and matt, sometimes combined with embroidery. This materiality forms a rich imagery where the viewer can wonder; I would like people to use this wonder as starting point for their own story, research and/or curiosity.

Joyce van Dongen

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